Five Book Test Drive

Hello Ramblers! Missed you, missed you, missed you. I’m a naughty blogger. I haven’t posted in MONTHS! But I’m back, with a lovely tag for you all!

I had big, big plans yesterday… The roads in my city iced over and were shut down, my husband started me a lovely fire in our big, old fireplace (seriously, old. It was here when my grandfather moved in with his family when he was a kid!) I made some hot cocoa for the kids, curled up on my couch….

And promptly fell asleep. Seriously. I didn’t read a single word.
But no worries! Today…oh today. We will be test driving five, yes FIVE, different books with the Try a Chapter Book Tag! This tag was originally created by BookParadise over on YouTube!
The goal is basically to choose five or more books you have been meaning to get to, read the entire first chapter (including the prologue if there is one), take a few notes if you happen to be blogging or recording this, and decide simply: yes or no!

I already happen to have five books that I had originally set aside to read contentedly by the fire today. So what better way to redeem myself that to use them for this challenge?

Let’s jump right in!

First I’ll be reading:

To go to the goodreads page with summary, click the book cover!

Night Circus has been on my TBR for quite some time. I’ve heard so many booktubers rave about it, yet I never managed to pick it up. Who knows. Sometimes you just aren’t in the mood for anything at all! On to the actual reading!


So I read the two parts called: Anticipation and Unexpected Post. I didn’t end up getting a lot out of these few pages, however, what I did get was very very intriguing. Obviously there is some magic, in both the child and the magician. (Duh)

I’m curious about the fact that it was a suicide note pinned to the girl’s clothing. Will I learn anything more about her mother? About why the magician did not seem to care in the slightest about the woman, when he obviously had relations with her at some point? What is going on???


As you can see, the little bit that I read was enough to grab my attention very well, make me ask questions (which is important in a good beginning).  So..The big question. Would I continue this book? On an excitement scale of 1 to 5..

This gets a solid from me!


Next up is: 22055262

To go to the goodreads page with summary, click the book cover!

This one hasn’t been on my unread shelf for quite as long as the first one, but quite a bit longer than the rest of the books I’ll be reading. Again, I’ve heard a good many rave reviews not only of this book, but of anything written by Ms Schwab. I’m definitely going into this with much excitement!


 Hmmm. Very interesting. Definitely left me curious about these different London’s. The magic seems fresh and original. Kell meeting with the mad King George….I wonder what happened to the king, what drove him mad enough that he’s locked in his own castle, forbidden to have rings or even nails that he could possibly hurt himself with… Definitely curious.

On my excitement scale, this gets….a respectable 3.


The next three books just came in a nice large box, with quite a few others, from bookoutlet. Bought them with part of my Christmas money! We’ll start with-


To go to the goodreads page with summary, click the book cover!

I actually don’t know much about this book, other than what I read on the inside flap…So not too much nail biting excitement going in, since it’s not something I’ve been dying to get to. But still, I’ll give it a fair go!


Sooooo. Aside from learning never to take stinky cheese through an airport, I didn’t really get much from this first chapter. It wasn’t uninteresting, nor was it attention grabbing. This is one I’d definitely have to read more of to get a real feel for it. The writing is lovely though.

Unfortunately, since I didn’t get much from it, this one only gets a 2 on the excitement scale.


Onwards and upwards from that disappointment we have:


To go to the goodreads page with summary, click the book cover!

Another new book outlet purchase! This one has me a little excited. I haven’t heard too much about this one, but I have seen it mentioned a few times. On that note, let’s dive right in!


(Well, haven’t even started yet, but I had to stop in. Part 1: The Lost Princess? Sounds good. The lost prince/princess is actually one of my favorite tropes!)

Now that is how you pull me in with a single chapter! My lord! First off, Indian culture, to me, is fascinating! It is one of my favorite cultures to read about. Second, the names are all lovely. This chapter held beauty, sadness, anger, hatred and hope. All in just a few pages!

My excitement rating- 5!!!

No doubt! Unless the next one is phenomenal, this one might be the winner, folks!


Hopefully this isn’t a mediocre follow up act. That last one is certainly going to be hard to beat. But now we have:18668056

To go to the goodreads page with summary, click the book cover!

One I recently saw one of my favorite book tubers talking about. This one had me super excited, but now I’m nervous. Can it beat The Star Touched Queen?


(Quick jump in- This cover? Fantastic! The way the naked book shows through the semi-transparent dust jacket? Wow.

Again- Pretty Map!!!!!

Lemme change that- MAPS! I love maps in books!)

Well, this was engaging and delightful! I very much enjoyed the prologue, explaining The Great Disruption, and chapter one was a lovely, if savage, view at the ridiculous way New Occident governs itself. Only people with money can address the parliament? What in the world kind of nonsense is that? But still. What I read grabbed me, moved me, infuriated me. It has all the making of a fantastic book!

This one gets a solid 5 as well!


Now I have a decision to make…


What to read? The Glass Sentence or The Star-touched Queen?

After much thought (and gif hunting), I’ve finally decided….

I’m going to read both. First- 25203675 then- 18668056

Seems logical. Right? I don’t have to REALLY choose between them…do I?

See you guys next time!

Read a Good Book- Jess


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