Fairy Tale February 2017


Fairy Tales. We all loved them at some point in our lives. I’d wager that many of us still love them. I know I’m looking forward to Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast.


I mean, come on! How could I not be excited?

Now before I go off on a gush about how excited I am, let’s get to the point. In order to psych myself up (even more) #notlikeIneedit– for this lovely movie I’ve decided to turn February into Fairy Tale Month!


The goal for the month is simple: Read at least four fairy tale retellings this month! That’s just 1 per week! Of course I’m going to try for as many as I can, and I’ve decided to put a point system into play to make it more interesting for myself! (I’m a simmer, we use points in our challenges!)


Points As Follows:

2 Points for the first retelling of each fairy tale.

1 Point for each subsequent retelling of each tale.


5 Points for each original tale read! (ie the original Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, etc. And yes, I know those aren’t the original names. But they’re easier to for everyone to understand.)


Wanna participate? Go right on ahead! Feel free to add me on GoodReads and we can chat while we read!


My TBR will follow in another post! Good Luck and Good Fun!





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